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Static Savvy Media is a web marketing agency that offers SEO services, social media marketing services, web design services. we can help you find your target audience and create buyer personas. We are focused on helping organizations improve performance and employee comfort across their entire processes using information and communication technologies thereby leading to better customer satisfaction.

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Digital marketing agency

Search Engine Optimization

( SEO )

With Our SEO we can assist you in creating dynamic digital contents to be added in your business site for easy go ranking in search engines, with this method we help you to reach your target audience.

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Search Engine Optimization




Why Static Savvy Media

We are here to help you to take your business to the next level

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Install at your Mobile, access anywhere anytime without any hassle to monitor and grow your business 

Our Mob App Team assists in establishing a presence in Mobile Apps for customer acquisition and retention through customization in collaboration with a business analytics team for your business growth.

Website Development

Our team of developers are specialized in making web development catering to the needs of the client with latest trends such as CMS Module, React and Node Js along with existing platform such as WordPress, Wix, and etc.

Static / Dynamic Website

Ecommerce Website

Website Development
UI & UX Designing

UI & UX Design Services

We create designs to augment User Experiences. 

We analyze human behavioral patterns and blend them with data science and information architecture to design a unique 'blended experience'.

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Nutshell of Static Savvy Media

  • Web & Mobile Development

  • Social Media Presence & Promotion

  • Digital Branding 

  • UI & UX Design Development

  • Training Services - IT 

Social Media Promotion


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